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Our Story

Four Unique Life Stories Woven Together to Change Lives

Stuardo Torres grew up in El Salvador where he witnessed the effects of generational poverty. In his early adult years, he studied engineering and landed a job with a large non-profit organization whose mission was to provide clean water to impoverished people. After hosting hundreds of mission trips and digging hundreds of wells, Stu began to grow tired of the corporate feel of the mission with a revolving door of mission trip participants. 

Steve Hall, pastor of a mid-sized church in the U.S., met Stu when his church went on a mission trip to El Salvador. United by their love of meeting people’s needs and surfing, Steve and Stu started discussing how they could partner together to provide a more personal mission trip experience and longer-term clean water solutions to rural communities that were often overlooked by large non-profits.

During a visit to a small community in Nicaragua, Stu saw families drinking water from shallow, contaminated hand-dug wells. Inspired by the great need, he and Steve cobbled together some financial support and started a well-digging project in El Transito, Nicaragua.  

When Steve invited his church community to support the endeavor, their response was tremendous. They began giving funds to support well-digging projects. Over time, word about this project spread to local pastors and churches.

Brian Reynolds, CEO of a U.S. technology company, heard about the Nicaragua clean water project through his church. After learning more about the mission, Brian and his family canceled a family vacation and went on a mission trip to dig a well in Nicaragua instead. While there, he fell in love with the people, the culture, and was struck by the needs he witnessed. 

Upon returning from the trip, Brian shared his experience with his business partner, Dennis Yoon. During their conversation, they learned that they had a mutual desire to help people in need of basic life necessities. 

Around the same time, Stu and Steve realized that the Nicaragua water project, held together with sweat and determination, needed a more formal, legal construct, and more financial resources if it was going to grow and reach more Nicaraguan communities. 

The timing was perfect. In 2018, Brian and Dennis launched the CTG Foundation, a 100% non-profit, with a vision to lift up communities by delivering and sustaining access to basic life necessities.

Realizing their mission and interests aligned, Stu, Steve, Dennis, and Brian decided to partner together to deliver clean water to rural communities and to support community health and nourishment, education, and economic empowerment.

Together, they continue to grow these efforts each year, breaking the cycle of generational poverty amongst often overlooked communities.

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