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  • Chris Kaskel

Long Awaited Water Brings Tears

Submitted by Chris Kaskel, Associate Pastor, Crosswind Church, February 2020

Our church first engaged the Nicaragua water project in 2017. Through some ministry

connections we learned of the need for clean water. We decided that our Vacation Bible School in the summer of 2017 would adopt this project as the fundraising focus for the week. Each night we would talk to the kids about the country of Nicaragua and the need for clean water. By the end of the five nights, we had raised enough money to fully fund a well.

In January 2018 several members and leaders from our church traveled to Nicaragua and were not only able to see the need firsthand, but we were also given the opportunity to participate in the digging, preparation, and dedication of the well we raised money for the summer prior. The well was being dug at a school and when the drillers finally hit water, it erupted out of the hole and the school staff and community that were present roared with excitement and tears. This was something they had been praying for and to see it finally happen was overwhelming.

Watching this happen sparked something in the church members who were present, and our

church has never been the same. When we came home from the first trip and shared stories,

pictures, and videos our church immediately grabbed ahold of the vision to continue drilling

wells. Year after year we have continued to raise money for wells and travel to see them

actualized. We have built lasting relationships with the people in these communities and the

well drilling team. For our church this is a way to live out our New Testament commandment to love others the way Jesus loved us. We are committed to continuing the work of giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

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