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Clean water is our focus. Sustainable change is our goal.

We help communities break the cycle of generational poverty by taking a holistic, relational, and long-term approach, and it all starts with access to clean water.

What makes The Thirst Initiative unique?

The Thirst Initiative

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There are many organizations working to help impoverished communities, but our non-profit is unique because we focus on small, rural communities that are off the beaten path and often overlooked by larger organizations.

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Clean Water

With the help of our individual, church, and corporate partners, we’re delivering life-giving water to families who previously relied on contaminated water sources.


Access to clean water brings access to better medical care at local clinics, reduced exposure to disease and the possibility of growing food during dry seasons. 


Children and youth can focus on their education with fewer days home sick, and less time spent helping their family to meet their basic needs for water and food.


Economic opportunities grow as the community’s basic needs are met. Access to clean water creates opportunities for small business and tourism to grow.

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